Diabetes Management

How to Control Your Diabetes and Stay Healthy


Diabetes Management

         How to Control Diabetes Mellitus

Adult onset of diabetes is a life changing event, and this site is devoted to helping you, the diabetic, find the resources you need to help maintain good health. You could not overestimate how important it is for you to develop good diabetes management skills, and for you to learn how to control diabetes.

On this site you can find out about the signs and symptoms, complications of diabetes, learn about establishing good tight levels of blood sugar, and answer most basic questions you may have.

You also will have an opportunity to hear about the latest trends in diabetes research, hear the debates about what causes diabetes, and whether it can be reversed. If you subscribe to the circular Diabetes Help, you can expect to hear useful information,  interviews with experts, and even a few odd recipes for improved diabetes management.

This site is simply organized but made so that you can drill down deeply into a category or issue that you want to pursue. We also plan to be frequentlly updating the site, so there will be new information and news on the website as well as in Diabetes Help. While the focus here is on adult onset Type 2 diabetes management, this resource will be useful to Type 1 diabetics as well, and anyone including family and friends, who wish to learn how to control diabetes.

Thanks for stopping by. We welcome feeback as this site in new and there is a lot we need to cover. Of course the usual disclaimers are important for anything said here. The information provided here is intended to be educational and resources are provided to help you make informed choices, but diabetes is a serious disease that must be managed under the care of a physician and your own medical team, not by some website, as the person who knows you directly will have the best understanding of your  individual context.


Thanks for stopping by

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